Elizabeth Warren trashes Cruz for campaign ‘whining’

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BOSTON (AP) — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is mocking Ted Cruz for an email his campaign sent out listing some of the sacrifices the U.S. Senator from Texas has made on the campaign trail — from time away from his family to sleep deprivation.

The Massachusetts Democrat fired off a series of comments on Twitter.com Tuesday aimed at the Republican presidential hopeful.

 In one Warren said, “We’re supposed to pity you because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! 2 words: Boo hoo.”

In another Warren chided Cruz, saying that while he chose to make his sacrifices, working people don’t have a choice.

“You chose to make your ‘sacrifices,’” she said. “Working people don’t have a choice.”

“They don’t throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don’t get their way,” she said in another about working people. “And then turn around & demand promotions.”

“Working people work more, get paid less, can’t save, get mistreated, struggle with illness & family – but they don’t whine,” she said in another.

Warren said those making real sacrifices include mothers who drop their kids off at daycare only to find their work hours have been cancelled. The GOP, she added, “won’t help”

“Know who gets no personal time? People who work 2 min wage jobs to support their families. opposes giving them a raise,” Warren said.

The tweets come weeks after Warren criticized Donald Trump using Twitter.

A spokeswoman says the Cruz campaign has no comment.

Written by Steve LeBlanc