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For more than one hundred years, from 1856 to 1956, the Boston Post was this city’s largest daily newspaper.

Founded in 1831 by Boston businessmen Charles G. Greene and Williams Beals, the paper was later sold to Edwin Grozier who, along with his son Richard, built it into the most respected paper in New England. Such was the influence of the Post that, after winning election to the United States Senate in 1956, John F. Kennedy is said to have remarked that without the paper’s endorsement, he would have been “licked.”

Much has changed in the world of news in the almost sixty years since the Boston Post sold its last newspaper.  Today, almost half of news consumers obtain their information exclusively on-line.

And yet, Boston lacks a comprehensive, sophisticated online source for political and cultural news and analysis.

We intend to change that. By merging modern technology with the best of traditional journalism, as manifested by the “old” Boston Post, we aim to create a dynamic on-line space for civic discourse.

Some people have asked about the political perspective of the NewBostonPost. Although we eschew labels, we believe in transparency.  Our mission is clear:  to emphasize stories that reaffirm the principles of freedom, human dignity, and personal responsibility.

Although our Opinion page will present a range of viewpoints on a variety of topics, the NewBostonPost seeks to be a voice for the millions of citizens in New England, whose moderate, independent, libertarian, or conservative values are not generally represented by the current offering of Boston-based print and internet news media and who have, effectively, been shut out of the public square.

We do not claim to be the only voice on issues of local and national import.  But we hope we can be yours.

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