Bobby Jindal in spat with Somerville

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Written by Matt Murphy

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s immigration broadside against Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone on Monday was “an act of desperation,” Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said, before blasting the feds for failing to reform the nation’s immigration system.

Rosenberg, an Amherst Democrat, said states and cities like Somerville are in a “real tough spot” when determining how to deal with undocumented immigrants who may have been living and working in the United States for decades with no path to pursue citizenship.

“The whole system is a mess because the federal system doesn’t work,” Rosenberg said during his monthly appearance on Boston Herald Radio on Tuesday morning.

Jindal, the southern governor running for the Republican nomination for president, appeared on Herald Radio a day earlier when he suggested that mayors of so-called “sanctuary cities” like Curtatone should be held criminally liable as an accessory to crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. Curtatone fired back, challenging Jindal to a debate and calling the governor “Deputy Barney Fife.” “Come and get me,” Curtatone was quoted saying the Herald.

Rosenberg said Jindal was trying to score points to pump up his flagging presidential campaign ahead of the first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland on Thursday where Jindal likely won’t be participating in the main event because only the top 10 polling contenders will appear on stage.

“An act of desperation in a desperate campaign. Pick on our friend,” Rosenberg said.

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