Home Sweet Home: breakfast nook charm

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Even if you have a small place to entertain guests, it’s the little things that make them feel at home. From taking the extra time to decorate to preparing food from scratch, it’s the effort that counts and not the expense.

Featured above is a three-tier plate set that can be used for anything from featuring tea snacks to displaying jewelry in a bedroom. Accompanying the plate are the glass jugs and straws that are perfect for sipping sparkling lemonade or for milk and cookies. Lastly, the yellow flowers tie the three pieces together to give the setting a lively feeling of warmth and hospitality.

For two of the napkin holders a pineapple is used as a sign of welcome and gratitude. Together with a nice tablecloth and plates, I made the space welcoming to all those who want to join in for afternoon brunch.


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Nearly Natural Liquid Illusion Dancing Lady Silk Orchids in Yellow with Vase $48.99

Vintage Dairy Bottles (Set Of 4) $15.00

Milford 3-Tier Server With Stand $69.00

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