Home Sweet Home: shatterless entertainment

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Whether you are entertaining a rowdy group of guests (such as your children) or are just clumsy like me, shatterless glassware is the perfect solution for avoiding a big mess when things unexpectedly go awry.

Featured above are two sets of glasses. The dark blue goblets are perfect for summertime patio entertainment and are sleek enough to use for dinner parties with special guests. They are also big enough to hold ice-cream for your kids’ late night treats. Here they are displayed with flowers to show off their pretty design.

The second set of glassware is clear with dark blue rims. They pair nicely with the first set and are perfect for serving colorful drinks. Here they are shown with ice-cold pink and yellow lemonade, but you can substitute any cold drink, such as iced tea or orange juice.

To top off your creation in these stylish, durable glasses, a bright red umbrella adds the perfect touch for sipping your favorite drink.

If you are sick and tired of always needing to keep a broom on hand whenever people gather for drinks, these unbreakable glasses are an ideal alternative for festive entertaining.


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