ISIS vision echoes Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’

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A 32-page ISIS document calling for open warfare against non-Muslims has been uncovered in Pakistan and authenticated by retired U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency director Gen. Michael Flynn and other intelligence officials. The document has been compared to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” the political manifesto in which the Nazi leader outlined his plan for the future of Germany and its Jews.

The ISIS document blames the appearance of jihadist organizations on the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The document declares, “No sooner had the British government relinquished control of Israel, Ben-Gurion, the leader of the Jews, declared the independence of the State of Israel, triggering a global migration of Jews to the Jewish State, and launching the systematic persecution of Palestinian Muslims who had to abandon their homes and migrate.”

The document, titled “A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC): The Caliphate According to the Prophet,” contains a six-stage plan for the development of Islamic State and for conquering the world. Geoffrey Grinder laid out the stages as follows for the “Now the End Begins” blog:

Phase 1: “Awakening,” 2000-2003: ISIS calls for “a major operation against the U.S….to provoke a crusade against Islam.” [September 11, 2001]

Phase 2: “Shock and awe,” 2004-2006: ISIS will lure U.S. into multiple theaters of war, including cyber-attacks, and establish charities across the Muslim and Arab world to support terrorism.

Phase 3: “Self-reliance,” 2007-2010: ISIS will create “interference” with Iraq’s neighboring states, with a particular focus on Syria.

Phase 4: “Reaping/extortion/receiving,” 2010-2013: ISIS will attack “U.S. and Western interests” to destroy their economies and replace the dollar with silver and gold, and expose Muslim governments’ relations with Israel and the U.S.

Phase 5: “Declaring the Caliphate,” 2013-2016: Not much detail. The document only says, “The Caliphate According to The Prophet.”

Phase 6: “Open warfare,” 2017-2020: ISIS calls for open, worldwide warfare against all non-Muslims, followed by a messianic vision of a “peaceful” era. The document’s messianic vision paints a picture of a world in which only believing Muslims remain alive.

Asked about the document’s implications for Israel, Jerusalem-based author and Torah scholar Rabbi Nachman Kahana that the Jewish Talmud explains how God “will eventually send to the world a leader whose decrees will be as drastic as those of Haman, the villain from the Book of Esther who intended to wipe out all the Jews, in order that we, the Jewish people, will do teshuvah (repent) and then the final geula (redemption) will arrive.”

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