Russell House Tavern: Specialty Cocktails

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Nestled behind the red brick façade of Harvard Square, Russell House Tavern is an attractive get away with decorative outdoor lighting and seating. The restaurant is known for its artisanal American fare and handcrafted specialty cocktails. It has a unique urban flare with its historic location and modern cuisine.

Their “Eye of the Storm” and “Battle of Trafalgar” specialty cocktails are appealing selections for the start of fall.


With hurricane season in full swing, the “Eye of the Storm” is a delicious cocktail for the end of a hectic workday. It is smooth, slightly bitter, and packed with a punch.

This golden-colored drink is presented beautifully with three layers of lime slices. Its ingredients include Smith & Cross Navy Strength Rum, Rhum Clément Première Canne, Caffe Borghetti, Angostura bitters, vanilla, lime slices, and ginger ale.


The classic dark-amber “Battle of Trafalgar” is a delectable blend of gin and bitters, combining sweetness and acidity to create an impeccable, refined cocktail. The drink is made with Pimm’s No. 1, Batavia Arrack, St. Elder, honey, and lime. It is a perfect selection for anyone who enjoys old-fashioned, well-crafted drinks.

Russell House Tavern is a wonderful place for large groups of friends or a date night away from the kids. It is open for lunch and brunch on the weekends. I suggest you explore their seasonally inspired dishes. Two particularly good choices are the “Extra Dirty Caesar Salad,” made with romaine lettuce, black kale, spicy anchovy croutons, and parsley, or one of their tavern pizzas. I especially liked the pizza with leeks and mushrooms.

The bartenders and chefs at Russell House Tavern put plenty of hard work and imaginative thought into their menus, and create inspired drinks and delightfully crafted meals.


Eye of the Storm: $11
Battle of Trafalgar: $10
Lunch: $9 – $15 for starters and entrees
Dinner: $13 – $35 dollars for entrees

14 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Sunday – Wednesday 11:00am until 1AM
Thursday – Saturday 10:00am until 2AM