Toast to the end of summer

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Summer always seems to fly by, so instead of lamenting the passing season, why not cheer the start of the new work and school year with these easy-to-make cocktails. Each drink is easy enough to make for a Labor Day party or just a get-together with friends. The cocktails mix summer ingredients with fall favorites for a delightful seasonal blend. Enjoy!


Ginger Snap Peach Cocktail
(Serves 4)

1. Diced fresh ginger to taste
2. One peach, sliced
3. Few dashes of cinnamon
4. One bottle of Andre or any other white champagne


1. Cut off a small part of the ginger root. Remove the outside skin, then dice into small pieces.
2. Slice one peach.
3. Place the ginger and a few peach slices into the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Blend together.
4. Add a dash of cinnamon.
5. Open the bottle of champagne and add to the mixture.
6. Stir together until thoroughly blended.
7. Place in your favorite glass.
8. Add a piece of sliced peach on the side for garnish.


Minted Cucumber Cooler
(Serves 4)


1. Bunch of fresh mint
2. English cucumber
3. Lime juice, either from a bottle or freshly squeezed
4. Bottle of your favorite gin


1. Slice about half the cucumber depending on its size.
2. Dice a few of the sliced cucumber pieces.
3. Remove about five to seven mint leaves from the stem.
4. Place the diced cucumber slices, mint leaves, and lime juice in a bottom of a cocktail shaker and blend the ingredients together.
5. Add gin to taste.
6. Shake, shake, and shake!
7. Place the sliced cucumbers in a stack in jug glasses.
8. Strain the mixture, then pour the drink over the cucumbers.
9. Garnish with mint.


Tart Ginger Lime Cocktail
(Serves 4)


1. Ginger root
2. Lime
3. Tablespoon of honey
4. Sparkling lime flavored seltzer
5. Fresh orange juice
6. Whiskey of choice


1. Dice a small piece of the ginger root after peeling off the skin.
2. Roll the lime to release the juices, then cut in half.
3. Put the diced ginger at the bottom of a cocktail shaker.
4. Add the lime juice.
5. Add a tablespoon of honey.
6. Fill a quarter of the shaker with gin.
7. Add orange juice to the halfway mark.
8. Top it off with the sparkling lime seltzer.
9. Shake, shake and shake!
10. Serve in your favorite clear glasses and garnish with mint or a slice of fruit.

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