On happy hour, Baker okay with being a “fuddy-duddy”

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Written by Matt Murphy

Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday said that if opposing “happy hour” drink specials makes him a “fuddy-duddy” he’s alright with that.

Asked by a caller and recent Massachusetts transplant about why the state is passing up the economic benefits to restaurants that could accrue from so-called happy hours, Baker recalled how the state first banned the after-work drink promotions after a series of tragic accidents involving people who had been overserved at happy hour.

“I’ve got no problem with the fact that we don’t discount alcohol,” Baker said, adding, “Frankly, maybe this makes me an old fuddy-duddy at this point. It probably does. I’m OK with that.”

Baker noted that restaurants and bars are allowed to discount food to lure patrons.

Told that Illinois recently passed a law allowing the return of happy hours in that state, Baker seemed unimpressed.

“I’m glad they can get together on bipartisan basis to (approve) happy hours. They still don’t have a budget,” he quipped.

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