Spooky cocktails are easy to make for Halloween

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Spice up your Halloween festivities with these frightful concoctions scary enough to entice any guest at your horrifying party. Blood-orange punch, savory chocolate martinis and sparkling pumpkin ginger beer will surely keep your guests occupied as you plan their “demise.” Check out the recipes below to learn how to mix these easy-to-make cocktails for your fright-full celebrations.


Beth Treffeisen

(Beth Treffeisen)

Bloody Punch

Serves one glass


1.      Red wine of your choosing

2.      Spiced rum such as Captain Morgan

3.      Orange juice

4.      Ginger root

5.      Fresh oranges to garnish


1.      Pour a shot of rum at the bottom of a shaker.

2.      Peel then chop the ginger root and place at the bottom of the shaker.

3.      Fill the shaker ¾ of the way with the red wine.

4.      Top with the orange juice.

5.      Shake until well combined.

6.      Slice an orange into wedges to use for garnish.

7.      Pour into your favorite goblet and add a slice of orange for garnish.

8.      Be spooked!

(Beth Treffeisen)

(Beth Treffeisen)

Chocolate Velvet Martini

Serves one glass


1.      Vodka of your choosing

2.      Chocolate syrup

3.      One teaspoon of hot chocolate powder

4.      Almond milk

5.      Dark chocolate chips


1.      Place a small handful of the dark chocolate chips on the bottom of the glass you plan on serving the drink in.

2.      Add a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder to the bottom of the glass.

3.      Drizzle in the chocolate syrup to your tasting.

4.      Add a shot of vodka.

5.      Fill the glass to the top with almond milk.

6.      Stir until everything is dissolved leaving the chocolate chips on the bottom for decoration.

7.      Rattle and roll!

(Beth Treffeisen)

(Beth Treffeisen)

Pumpkin Ginger Bliss

Serves one glass


1.      1 ½ ounces of pumpkin puree either home made or store bought

2.      One shot of spiced rum of your choosing

3.      Splash of hazelnut syrup

4.      1 can of ginger beer of your choosing

5.      Splash of fresh orange juice


1.      Place the pumpkin puree in the bottom of a shaker.

2.      Add a shot of the spiced rum.

3.      Add a splash of hazelnut syrup to taste.

4.      Add a splash of fresh orange juice.

5.      Fill to the top with ginger beer.

6.      Stir all the ingredients together until well combined.

7.      Pour into the spooky glass you plan on serving in through a sifter to stop any of the pumpkin puree from entering the glass.

8.      R.I.P.!

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