Shake up the drink menu this Thanksgiving

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If you worry about getting through that quality time with your family this Thanksgiving, these holiday cocktails may make it all go down more smoothly, or maybe just help it go by faster. These easy-to-make seasonal concoctions will please all the adults in the entire extended family and make your long day as stressed host or appreciative guest way more tolerable.



(Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost)

Hot Apple Spiced Cider

Serves two


1.      1 shot of Amaretto

2.      1 shot of tequila or vodka of choice

3.      ¼ quart of apple cider

4.      1 Cinnamon stick

5.      Dash of Asian 5 Spice

6.      Dash of tarragon leaves


1.      Place a deep saucepan on the stove and set to medium-low heat

2.      Pour Amaretto into the pan

3.      Pour in tequila

4.      Add the cinnamon stick

5.      Add Asian 5 spice

6.      Add tarragon leaves

7.      Pour in apple cider

8.      Stir and let sit until warm

9.      Once warm, strain the liquid into serving glasses

10.   Garnish with cinnamon stick or maraschino cherries

(Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost)

(Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost)

Roasted Red Pepper Maple Beer Cocktail

Serves one


1.      1 shot of spiced rum of choice

2.      ½ bottle of dark beer of choice

3.      Splash of maple syrup

4.      1 roasted red pepper

5.      Ice


1.      Add three ice cubes to serving glass

2.      Pour in spiced rum

3.      Add maple syrup to taste

4.      Stir to dissolve syrup

5.      Top off with dark beer

6.      Garnish with a slice of roasted pepper

(Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost)

(Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost)

Cranberry Wine Cooler

Serves four


1.      Macerated cranberries (soak cranberries overnight in maple syrup and rum, keeping the mix refrigerated)

2.      Rose wine of choice

3.      Cinnamon


1.      Pour wine into four chilled glasses

2.      Top off with macerated cranberries

3.      Sprinkle with cinnamon


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