Trump’s Bay State campaign office vandalized

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LITTLETON – Vandals hit Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign headquarters over the weekend, spray painting vulgar symbols, expletives and “nazi” on the storefront in Littleton center.

The Republican presidential contender’s Bay State headquarters opened in the historic Conant Building in December. Trump was in the area last week, holding a rally in Lowell that drew thousands of people, including protesters.

Police are investigating the vandalism, including by reviewing video captured by surveillance cameras located near the building, at the corner of Routes 2A, 119 and 110 across from Littleton Common, according to a statement from the town’s police department. The structure dates to 1840, when it was built by a local cooperative and has held retail shops, the local U.S. Post Office and a stable. In addition to the Trump campaign, the building at 492 King St. currently houses other businesses and shops.

Town officials deplored the vandalism.

“People have a right to express their views and disagreements, but the line is drawn at criminal behavior,” Police Chief Matthew King said in the statement. “Littleton is an accepting place full of people who coexist regardless of each other’s political ideology.”

The vandalism was reported by a passerby at 9 a.m. Saturday, according to the statement.

“This behavior is not representative of either Littleton or its residents,” Jim Karr, the chairman of the Littleton Board of Selectmen, said in the statement from police. “This is not what Littleton is all about.”