SWAT Cat, MIA for a month, saunters back

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BOSTON – Boston Police rejoiced Thursday as their “SWAT Cat,” who had been missing for more than a month, sauntered back to the Roxbury station she left in November.

“The officers are just happy that she was safe all this time,” the department said in a statement about its Special Weapons and Tactics Team. Their unofficial mascot showed up at their base on Warren Street at about 7 a.m. Thursday.

“You never know what could happen in the city so the fact she returned safely is wonderful,” Rachel McGuire, a department spokeswoman, told NBC.

The stray calico first appeared at the SWAT team’s headquarters in 2013 and was quickly named “SWAT Cat.” According to WFXT-TV, the feline won the hearts of all the officers and enjoyed rubbing against their legs during mealtimes. NBC said team members got the kitty spayed and vaccinated and set up a spot where she could sleep on a heated pad.

The SWAT Cat disappeared in late November, prompting team members to call for the public to keep an eye out for her. Besides looking a little thin, she appears to be in good health.

“The SWAT Team wants to thank the community for keeping an eye out for the feline and for all the calls and emails of support,” the department said. McGuire added: “She has a home here as long as she wants.”