Boston sets up new parking ticket payment app

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BOSTON – Getting ticketed for parking in Boston won’t be any less painful to your wallet but it may become easier to deal with under a payment system the city rolled out Thursday.

Using a new smartphone app called Boston PayTix, you can skip a trip to city hall or a visit to the city’s online payment portal. The app, developed with the city by Xerox, replaces one from TicketZen that was introduced in 2014 as a pilot project.

As motorists paid through TicketZen, the city realized the demand for a mobile app to handle paying the fines. By the time the pilot project concluded in November, the city was handling over 2,100 ticket payment transactions a month through the app. But locally based TicketZen moved on, announcing a partnership for paying parking tickets with PayByPhone, which it said is used in hundreds of other cities.

To use PayTix, you scan the barcode on a parking ticket with your smartphone, enter payment information and press a button to send the money to the city.

Using the Xerox app, motorists can receive payment reminders and alerts to help them avoid late fees. They can also maintain a searchable online history of parking ticket payments, the city said Thursday in a statement.

Boston PayTix is available through the App Store and Google Play. Personal credit card information isn’t stored by PayTix and security safeguards are in place. To learn more visit

Of course, for those who lack smartphones or prefer more sedate methods, you can still mail the city a check.