WATCH: Famous love poems recited for Valentine’s Day

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Singing Valentine’s cards have become a big hit on the web, but they’re still missing a crucial component — and that’s a human face behind the Valentine.

For this Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be more dynamic to bring some romantic verses to life — in high-definition video.

Here’s a presentation of Sir Philip Sidney’s famous poem, “Astrophel and Stella,” one that many readers will recall studying at least once in school.

Performed by Andrew Winson, who most recently appeared in the revival of Barefoot in the Park at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Of course, it was Shakespeare who most famously wrote, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.”

It’s traditional to assume the sonneteer speaking is a male. Here, Charlotte Peed, who appeared most recently in the Wellesley Summer Theatre’s production of Chekhov’s Three Sisters, shows us a different rendition.

Christina Rossetti has never been as well appreciated a poet as Emily Dickinson, but she was clearly more romantic.

In this presentation of “A Song,” Rossetti mixes love and loss, to bittersweet effect. Performed by Poornima Kirby, who most recently appeared in the Bay Colony  Shakespeare company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

On a more cheerful note, Rossetti celebrated the birthday of her sweetheart in a more lighthearted fashion. Performed by Jenn Bates.