After dating Christie, Boston Herald looks for love with Rubio

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Looks like the Boston Herald is belatedly jumping aboard the Good Ship Rubio. The Herald, which previously endorsed Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey for the Republican nomination, announced Feb. 23 that it is now behind Marco Rubio. In an editorial posted today, the Herald says:

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida represents the Republicans’ best hope to bring the party and the country together. The Herald is pleased to endorse him for the Republican nomination.

As for its earlier support for Christie, the Herald editorial board said Christie, whose brash demeanor earned him a reputation as a bully, was previously the crowded GOP field’s “best hope for bringing together a deeply divided nation.”

Come again?

Although Christie has many positive qualities – including his regular-guy demeanor and his unscripted rhetoric — the ability to unify the nation does not appear to be one of them.  Indeed, he struggled to unify even his own party. Voters who favored an outspoken, politically incorrect leader gravitated not to Christie, as many pundits had earlier predicted they would, but to Donald Trump, who upped the ante on “telling it like it is.” And the boy from Jersey failed to inspire the more establishment wing of the GOP electorate.

After abysmal performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, Christie exited the race.

The Herald now says Rubio is the GOP’s best chance of winning the White House in November. But recent polls show Donald Trump with a commanding lead nationwide as well as here in the Bay State – 50 percent to Rubio’s 16 percent.