Former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld backs Kasich for White House

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While rumors continue to swirl about a potential Marco Rubio endorsement from Mitt Romney, another former Massachusetts governor made his stance known.

Bill Weld is supporting Ohio governor John Kasich in what is now considered a long-shot bid for the Republican nomination.

“I have known John Kasich for twenty years and he is a born executive,” Weld said in a blog post on the Kasich campaign site. “Being governor is the type of experience that prepares you to be President. John Kasich hasn’t just talked about balancing budgets and growing jobs, he’s actually done it. His tremendous record and results-oriented conservative leadership in Ohio is exactly what we need in the White House.”

Kasich has been lauded for his unwillingness to join the fray of mudslinging that has become commonplace in this GOP campaign, however, that approach has translated to just minimal success. He had a strong showing in New Hampshire, but trails Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz by a significant margin.