Globe editorial implores Mass. voters to halt Trump

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The Boston Globe is imploring Massachusetts voters not to reward GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for his vitriolic rhetoric.

The Bay State paper of record published an editorial Monday titled “Massachusetts voters must stop Donald Trump,” urging state Republicans to instead back Ohio governor John Kasich.

The Globe even went so far as to instruct unenrolled voters to vote GOP in order to try and slow Hurricane Donald, which already swept through nearby New Hampshire.

Trump’s campaign has revived some of the ugliest traditions in American politics, including the scapegoating of religious minorities and immigrants. He has yet to put forth a serious platform of ideas about how he would govern or what a Trump administration would seek to accomplish. Just his nomination by one of the nation’s major parties would be an international embarrassment.

Kasich, a mainstream conservative, was overwhelmingly reelected in 2014 — a real accomplishment in a battleground state like Ohio. Some of his conservative positions, especially his opposition to abortion rights, understandably make many Massachusetts voters blanch. But he has to be judged against the other Trump opponents.

If recent campaign history is any indication, this call to arms will play right into Trump’s hands, helping the divisive businessman with a diverse following grow on his already sizable lead in Massachusetts.

Voting in Massachusetts will take place on Super Tuesday, March 1.