DeLeo on Trump: A manifestation of voter dissatisfaction

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BOSTON – Speaker Robert DeLeo, the leader of the state House of Representatives, said Wednesday he attributes Donald Trump’s success in Republican presidential contests to dissatisfaction among voters, though he doesn’t agree that the billionaire businessman represents change in the political system.

“I, quite frankly, think it’s just a question of people’s dissatisfaction in terms of government, I’d like to say maybe especially in Washington,” DeLeo said  “So I think it comes down to that, people are displeased.”

“They look at him as the new, fresh face in terms of bringing change, which I’m not sure if he is, but , you know, I think it’s people just aggravated in terms of what’s going on,” the Winthrop Democrat said.

A poll from Emerson College in Boston this week showed that Trump could capture half the GOP vote from Bay State voters in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

Asked whether he could envision Trump in the White House, DeLeo – a supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – said he spoke with a Republican on Wednesday who suggested the one-time reality TV star may alter his persona if he were to become the GOP nominee.

“This person had the feeling that … should he be the nominee, you may see a change in terms of how he handles various questions and how he handles various issues,” DeLeo said, adding that the Republican with whom he spoke was not Gov. Charlie Baker. “We’ll see.”

Written by Colin A. Young