Easter movies to get you into the spirit of the season

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Looking for some movies to celebrate the Easter spirit? Whether you’re searching for something biblical or a fun movie to get you feeling that spring has sprung, we’ve got it right here!


Hollywood’s most recent take on Jesus’ death and resurrection is told through the eyes of a fictional Roman military tribune, Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), who must find the body of Jesus after it disappears from his tomb. Clavius’ manhunt, ordered by Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) and aided by a young soldier, Lucius (Tom Felton), leads him to interrogate the Jewish leader’s joyful disciples and ultimately calls for his own soul-searching. If you want to hit the theaters this Easter season, “Risen” is your film.

The Robe
This 1953 classic won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor. The film follows Roman centurion Marcellus Galilo, who was given the role of overseeing Christ’s crucifixion. The Roman soldier begins questioning everything he knows and believes when he wins Christ’s robe in a game of dice at the foot of the Cross.

Son of God
If you’re looking for a more modern film that follows Christ’s life, look no further. This 2014 film feels like an action film, capturing the drama of Christ’s life, from his birth to his resurrection. This was the first film about Christ’s life since “The Passion of the Christ” was released a decade earlier.

The Passion of the Christ
This Mel Gibson film shows Jesus in the final hours of his life on earth, including his crucifixion. Visual and visceral, the depictions of Christ’s suffering are agonizing to watch. The dialogue is in Aramaic and Latin (but come with English subtitles), and this helps give the film a realistic feel.

Jesus Christ Superstar

This movie is based on the hit musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. The screenplay of this 1973 film was written by Melvyn Bragg, now host of BBC’s hit radio show, “In Our Time.” The rock opera follows Jesus and his disciples through Jesus’ final days and crucifixion, imaginatively re-interpreting Judas and Mary Magdalene, among others.

The film also draws on contemporary culture and politics, portraying the disciples as hippies while tanks roll ominously over the desert. Decidedly less orthodox than some of the other films on the list, this portrayal of Christ’s final days is notable for its music and its humanization of Biblical figures who appear less overtly developed in the Bible.


This 2011 movie tells the tale of a young bunny who is chosen to become the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, this rabbit prefers to play drums and travel, so he moves to Los Angeles and tries to break into the music industry, meeting some human friends along the way. A light-hearted film to get you in the spirit for spring!

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