Broadway smash ‘Hamilton’ will travel to Boston

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BOSTON – “Hamilton,” the hit Broadway musical, will visit the Hub on its upcoming national tour, Broadway in Boston announced late Monday. But it will be a long wait.

“Hamilton,” based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, has been sold out for months at New York’s Richard Rodgers Theatre with resale tickets that range from $600 to over $1,000. The show’s national tour will bring it to wider audiences, but previous bookings will mean it won’t open at the Boston Opera House until sometime in 2018.

The “Hamilton” touring cast will perform in San Francisco from March 2017 through July of that year, then move to Los Angeles, where it will remain through December. Official dates for “Hamilton” in Boston won’t be made public until next spring, when Broadway in Boston is expected to announce its 2017-2018 season.

The musical tells the story of Hamilton, Gen. George Washington’s top military aide during the Revolutionary War, the leading author of the Federalist Papers and the founder of the U.S. Treasury whose image still graces the $10 bill. Born out of wedlock on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Hamilton grew up poor. Abandoned by his father, his mother died before he reached his teens, making Hamilton an orphan by the time he traveled to America. He gained passage on a ship bound for New York after his account of a hurricane that hit the island prompted locals to sponsor his education in the city.

Hamilton lacked the pedigree and status of many of America’s other Founding Fathers. Or as Hamilton’s character describes it in the rap song “My Shot:”

“The problem is I got a lotta brains but no polish.”

Biographers have described him as a self-made man who relied on his talent as a lawyer, economist and writer, as well as his courage and intellect, to propel him to the highest levels of the nation’s early government. The musical is rooted in Ron Chernow’s 2004 bestselling biography, “Alexander Hamilton.”

The story of Hamilton’s life, and of his fatal duel with Aaron Burr, is fascinating. And combined in a near-perfect marriage of content and form with writer and composer Lin Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop score, the musical has become a juggernaut.

“Hamilton” cast performs at the White House: