NBC’s ‘Carmichael Show’ tackles gentrification

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What is gentrification, and is it actually a bad thing? And wait a minute, who’s the cause of gentrification? These are the touchy questions that NBC’s popular sitcom “The Carmichael Show” tackled during Sunday night’s “Gentrifying Bobby” episode.

Jerrod, the main character in the series, debates the subject with his girlfriend, Maxine, and helps to educate his father, Joe, mother, Cynthia, and brother Bobby on whether an invasion of wealthy neighbors hurts or helps the affected community:

Maxine: Look, gentrification is when developers see an opportunity to make money off of a low-income community. You know, they buy up a bunch of property for cheap, and then they build high-end apartment complexes and restaurants and stores, and that attracts wealthy new residents, and then that drives property values up until people are forced out.

Joe: Now, I know you’re trying to say something negative, but everything you saying so far sounds good to me.

Watch the clip: