Are these the best Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders impressions yet?

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Why did the chicken cross the road? “Donald Trump” and “Bernie Sanders” offer their answers in what just might be the best impersonation yet by Comedy Central’s “@Midnight with Chris Hardwick” show.

The March 23 skit, entitled “@trumpvsbernie” looks ahead to the rather unlikely scenario of a general election debate –“Jeopardy style”– between the Vermont Senator and the New York businessman, both of whom have garnered reputations for their extreme views.

“I’m telling you, that’s an immigrant chicken, I’m telling you right now,” Trump, played by Anthony Atamanuik, responds. “And there are many Mexican chickens, I’ve been to Mexico, I’ve seen the chickens.”

At his chance to respond, Sanders (James Adomian) said that he “sat down with the chickens.”

“It turns out, he crossed the road to draw attention to the crumbling infrastructure that chickens have to face every day of their lives,” he said.

Other parts of the “debate” focus on “who is more like Jesus,” attack advertisements, and a slew of answers to “If I were President.”


Watch the full 42-minute episode at Comedy Central, though be warned that it is scattered with offensive and sexual content, because, well, it’s Comedy Central.