SNL pokes at Hillary Clinton’s inability to relate to ‘real’ New Yorkers

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Over the weekend, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” addressed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign slowdown – or, “losing streak” – and her recent fumbles when attempting to relate to Manhattanites.

“Hello America. It’s true, I have not been winning as of late. In fact, I have not won a state in almost three weeks. Because that was the plan. I didn’t want to win those, and so I didn’t,” Kate McKinnon, who plays the former U.S. Sen. from New York, says on the April 9 show. “It doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m not rattled.”

Turning her focus to New York City, Clinton says she is happy to be back in the “Fat Apple,” brags about her love of the Yankees and the “New York Meats,” and even attempts to take the subway to relate to “real” New Yorkers – a spoof of the real-life Clinton’s less than successful attempt to get through a subway turnstile last week.

With the state’s primary taking place Tuesday, the faux Clinton offers some advice to her younger voters – a demographic the real-life candidate Clinton has struggled to win over throughout the campaign:

“To all of you young people in New York, let me say this – voting’s for nerds,” she says. “I mean, who cares, just sleep in.”

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