Baker won’t vote for Trump, doubts he’ll vote for Clinton in ‘troubling’ election

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BOSTON — After tossing trout into Jamaica Pond on Wednesday, Gov. Charlie Baker heaved aside his earlier notion that the Republican presidential nomination has not yet been decided.

The expected showdown between the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton means the governor will not vote for the Republican presidential candidate for the first time in his memory.

Trump’s victory in Indiana Tuesday was followed by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz withdrawing from the race.

Baker, who has nurtured a bipartisan approach to governing in a state where Democrats control the House and Senate, said he is “not a big fan of either” Trump or Clinton but left open the possibility the Democrat would receive his vote.

“I’ve already said before that I’m not going to vote for Mr. Trump and I sincerely doubt I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton,” Baker told reporters on the banks of Jamaica Pond, which he helped stock with about 1,000 trout.

Baker said he can’t remember not voting for the Republican presidential nominee.

“I’ve certainly found this to be one of the most troubling election cycles across the board I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Baker said.

— Written by Andy Metzger

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