WATCH: Spoof outlines POTUS post White House plans

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During President Barack Obama’s last White House Correspondents Dinner, he released a short parody answering the question many people have been asking: what are his plans after he leaves office?

It begins with a newscast declaring the Obamas plan to stay in D.C. for two years after his presidency.  In it, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd announces that the president “is about to go from Commander-in-Chief to Couch Commander.”

The video shows the president trying to get a driver’s license and asking Vice President Joe Biden if he might really get away with golfing every day.  Eventually, he turns to the former Speaker of the House John Boehner for some friendly guidance.

Boehner tells Obama that, with the time in the world, he can just be himself for a while.

With some relief, the President replies, “So I can just be me and I can wear my Mom jeans in peace? I hate these tight jeans.”