Couple of coleslaw connoisseurs put side dish in the spotlight

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HAVERHILL – It all started when Ed Sanborn and his girlfriend Lisa Houle discovered their shared love of coleslaw.

It prompted them to create a Facebook page for their fandom of the cabbage side dish, and soon after a friend’s son posted it on Boston Reddit.

“The next thing you know it just went viral,” Houle said. “It was insane the people liking our page and talking about it. We were getting comments from people saying crazy things about coleslaw and their love for coleslaw and how we are doing God’s work.”

During this adventure, Sanborn wanted to highlight a dish that often times gets overlooked but — as he pointed out — a lot of people love it and hate it. He figured it was the perfect thing to review.

“It’s obvious that the passion is there,” Sanborn said. “It’s like we’ve hit this untapped niche … a place where people can share their love of coleslaw – it’s hysterical.”

In the future, they plan on launching a website where people can upload and share their reviews to create an overall score, as well as sell t-shirts and other souvenirs.

In the meantime, if you are craving some slaw, check out their rating system below and post a review of your own:

1. Liquid content

2. Size of vegetables

3. Taste

4. Texture

5. Presentation

6.  Vinegar Content

7. Average your ratings above. Add them and divide by six.

8. As an option, leave an overall comment about your thoughts.