Massachusetts lands 3 cities on ‘most dangerous’ for U.S. drivers list

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It appears Bay Staters pay a hefty price and run a greater risk than most whenever they step into their vehicles.

According to a recent report published by Nerdwallet, Massachusetts has three of the 20 most dangerous cities in the country for motorists.

While most might assume Boston led the way, it was Springfield that placed fourth overall, Worcester 10th and the Hub 16th.

California was the only other state to place three cities in the top 20 — San Bernardino fifth, Oakland 13th, Fullerton 20th.

Nerdwallet broke the numbers down by annual average car insurance rate, average years between accidents, accident likelihood against the national average, fatal accidents per 100,000 residents, auto larceny risk, and motor vehicle theft risk.

For Springfield, Nerdwallet wrote: “Springfield is the only city in our top five most dangerous places with less than 200,000 residents. The average time between accidents is 5.2 years, the fifth-shortest average time of all cities analyzed. Springfield also has the fifth-highest relative accident likelihood compared with the national average.”

Boston finished on opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to two categories — accidents and fatal accidents. While the Hub had the shortest average years between accidents in the entire top 20 at 3.9, it also had the least deaths per 100,000 residents on the list, 3.0.

New Haven, Connecticut also appeared on the list, placing eighth.

No New England city finished in the top 20 safest cities published in the same report.