Boston board promotes bicycling as healthy mode of travel

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BOSTON – Seeking to encourage active living and safety for Hub residents, the Boston Public Health Commission launched the “I Bike” campaign on Wednesday.

Seven Bostonians are featured on campaign posters alongside their wheels as they share their reasons for biking. Plans call for the advertising blitz to run through the summer and will include promotions for the informational website and the expanded Hubway bike-sharing program in the city.

“For both youth and adults to gain the physical activity benefits from bicycling, it is critical to inform them about active living options in their communities, particularly those neighborhoods outside of downtown Boston,” Monica Valdes Lupi, the commission’s executive director, said in a statement released Thursday. She said the ad campaign will showcase people from diverse neighborhoods and why they ride.

“Their different reasons, from getting to work to spending time with their kids or discovering the city, help to promote biking not only as a means of transportation, but as a fun and healthy social activity,” Valdes Lupi said.

The campaign will include billboards, posters in bus shelters and on transit vehicles. All Boston residents can share their own reasons for biking in the city to promote the activity on social media by tagging @healthyboston and using the hashtag #IBikeBOS.