Getting to know Allston (video)

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While it may be somewhat infamously known as “Rat City,” the Allston neighborhood is also home to many college students, young professionals, and families that bring an eclectic culture to an unknown part of Boston.

Now that I’ve called this neighborhood home for the second year in a row, I hope to share with you some hidden gems off the B-Line in Allston.

The first stop is Pavement Coffee House on the corner of Harvard Ave. and Commonwealth. Here you will find an array of breakfast sandwiches, espressos, and treats that will satisfy any dietary need.

The second stop we make is Ritual Arts, which can cater the needs of any religion and sells an assortment of trinkets and jewelry. Don’t forget to get your tarot cards read and catch the famous black cat looking for a pet.

Lastly, we make our way to the intersection of Cambridge St. and Brighton Ave., to see the famous Twin Donuts sign and explore the multitude of restaurants lining the block.

Before your write off Allston as a place for just wild college students and rodents, take a look at some buried places right in Boston’s own backyard.