Despite ties, Baker ‘can’t go there’ with Johnson-Weld ticket

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Everybody already knows that Gov. Charlie Baker won’t be supporting Donald Trump in November. And he doesn’t plan to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton either.

But as the Libertarian Party ticket of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld fights to couch itself as an alternative to the mainstream candidates, Baker has a problem with them as well.

Baker served under Weld in the State House in the 1990s, and has called the former Republican governor a mentor of his. Weld’s party switch, however, presents ideological issues for Baker, who does not support the Libertarian viewpoint on the legalization of drugs.

Asked during an “On the Record” interview on WCVB that aired Sunday morning if he would vote for Johnson and Weld, Baker said, “The Libertarian Party basically thinks heroin should be legal. I can’t go there.”

Baker does not plan to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, and hasn’t said who he might write-in for president if he doesn’t choose Trump, Clinton, Johnson or Green-Rainbow Party candidate and Massachusetts native Jill Stein.

— Written by Matt Murphy

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