Trump talks immigration, foreign policy in Maine

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PORTLAND, Maine – Speaking to a crowd of 1,800 in Maine, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump slammed President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on immigration, national security, and the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Maine is a major destination for Somali refugees, and Trump focused much of his speech on immigration, referring to the influx of refugees from “terrorist nations” as possibly the “great Trojan horse of all time,” according to a report in the Boston Globe. Bolstering his claims, the GOP nominee referenced a recent Washington Post article on the Somali population in Minnesota, the state that had the second-highest rate of ISIS-related arrests behind New York last year. Trump also cited the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, which was carried out by two Russian immigrants, and resulted in three deaths and over 200 wounded.

In his remarks, Trump also questioned recent revelations that the Obama administration covertly transferred $400 million to Iran, on the same day that the terrorist sponsoring nation released five U.S. prisoners. Trump echoed the fears of Republican lawmakers about where the final destination of those funds will be in the hands of the regime in Tehran.

Although Maine is typically a “blue” state, the state splits its Electoral College votes by its four congressional districts, which gives Trump a chance at winning at least some of Maine’s four electors.