Pro-charter school campaign launches new TV ad

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The campaign supporting a ballot question to allow additional charter schools in Massachusetts on Tuesday launched a new television ad aimed at highlighting the successes of charter schools and the options they provide parents.

The 30-second spot, paid for by Great Schools Massachusetts, quotes a Boston Globe editorial calling charter schools successful “by almost any measure” and an editorial from The Sun of Lowell describing the schools as “models of inspiration.”

“Question 2 will give voters more choices and result in more funding for public education,” a voiceover says in the video. “Vote yes on 2 for stronger public schools.”

Opponents of charter school expansion say additional charters come at the expense of traditional public school districts, which pay tuition for students living in their boundaries who attend charter schools.

The Save Our Public Schools campaign says district payments to charter schools will total more than $450 million this year, up $38.5 million from last year.

“Every dollar sent to charter schools is one less dollar that can be spent on the schools 96 percent of families choose,” Melrose Mayor Robert Dolan said in the statement. “I can’t imagine how we would handle losing millions more each year, which is what will happen if Question 2 passes.”

— Written by Katie Lannan

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