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Sept. 1, 2016

At the NewBostonPost, September means heading “back to campus.” As Boston bustles with the arrival of approximately 250,000 students attending the more than 50 colleges and universities, our attention is turned to stories about our institutions of higher learning and life on campus.

We will examine the best and the worst of higher education in New England, bringing you stories that inspire, as well as stories that will no doubt sadden all those who care about the value of a “liberal education.”

Many of our stories this month are a continuation of our previous coverage of political correctness on campus and various  controversies surrounding freedom of expression, student discipline and the rise of the campus sex bureaucracy.  We will continue to follow the Black Lives Matter movement on campuses around New England, and we will examine the paradox of race activism and the rise of anti-Semitism on campus.

Looking at both campus upheaval and the potential for higher learning, we will consider the overall value of a college education generally, and, more specifically, at New England institutions.  And we will take a closer look at the movement ignited by Sen. Bernie Sanders for free college tuition.

Our coverage will not, of course, be limited to the controversial and the political. This month, the NBP will also report on students and professors who are making a difference in their communities.  We will report on innovative research taking place on New England’s campuses, and we will bring you stories of interesting campus programs and events.

We’re sure you’ll find there is much to discuss this month at the NewBostonPost.


Tina McCormick

Tina McCormick

Tina McCormick is Publisher of the NewBostonPost. Read her past messages here.