Coming to a store near you: K-cups for weed

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BOSTON – A Massachusetts-based company is revolutionizing the way marijuana is consumed, creating a delivery device based on the idea of the Keurig single-serving coffee-machine.

CannaKorp, a Stoneham start-up aimed at improving medical marijuana technology, is in the process of developing and marketing “CannaCloud,” a pod-based vaporizer system similar in design to Keurig coffee pods, also known as K-cups. David Manly, a former executive at Keurig and the current CEO of CannaKorp said that he hopes the CannaCloud will be “as transformative in medical marijuana as pods were in coffee.”

CannaKorp’s founder Michael Bourque announced the forthcoming pod-based product last year, saying the company’s goal “[I]s to simplify and improve the medical marijuana experience for millions of users worldwide.”

In 2012, Massachusetts voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana. There are currently over 28,000 registered users in the Bay State.  Medical marijuana is $7 billion industry in North America, according to the Boston Business Journal.

CannaKorp seeks to market its product as a useful tool to streamline the consumption process for medical marijuana users. With the question of recreational marijuana legalization on the Massachusetts ballot this November, however, CannaCloud may soon see a drastic upswing in its targeted market.

To date, the company has raised $3.8 million from 21 investors, over halfway to its goal of $5.8 million.