Orrall stands by Trump after latest controversies

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STATE HOUSE — Republican National Committeewoman Keiko Orrall of Lakeville is standing by Donald Trump, despite recent news reports about his alleged behavior.

“I’m supporting the Republican nominee,” Orrall, a state representative, told the News Service Thursday morning, later affirming with greater specificity, “I’m endorsing Donald Trump.”

Asked if the recent news about Trump has given her pause, Orrall said, “I don’t condone things that have come out.”

On Friday, the Washington Post published video from 2005 where Trump can be heard bragging about being able to grab women’s private parts with impunity because of his star power. After Trump on Sunday night’s debate stage denied he had actually done that, multiple news organizations on Wednesday published accounts from various women claiming Trump had forced himself on them sexually.

Asked if she rejected or condemned any of the recent news, Orrall said, “I don’t condone what Donald Trump’s actions [were] towards women that have come out, but nor do I accept or condone … Bill Clinton’s actions or Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of Bill’s actions.”

While president, Clinton had a sexual affair with a White House intern, and then obfuscated about it, facing impeachment votes by Congress. Another woman, Juanita Broaddrick, who has repeatedly accused the former president of rape, was one of Trump’s guests at the debate, where Hillary Clinton dismissed Trump’s claims about her husband’s alleged abuse of women.

Trump has been a controversial candidate for the entirety of his campaign, dating back to his June 2015 announcement speech. The New York City developer and reality television star has not received the backing of prominent Bay State Republicans, though he has enjoyed the support of the state party. Gov. Charlie Baker said he will not vote for Trump nor any of the other presidential candidates, and Republican leaders in the House and Senate have not publicly backed their party’s nominee. Former Senate Minority Leader Brian Lees said in August he would not vote for Trump and might vote for Clinton.

Orrall was first elected in a 2011 special election to a seat held by Democrats for three decades. She won election as Republican National Committeewoman this year with the backing of Baker, and does not have a Democratic opponent on the ballot.

Orrall hinted at some reluctance in her endorsement of Trump. After an initial interview outside the House chamber the Lakeville Republican approached the News Service to say, “I’m a member of the Republican National Committee. I’m bound to support the Republican nominee.”

Asked if that meant she would not support Trump were it not for her position, Orrall said, “Gotta go. See ya,” and left.

— Written by Andy Metzger

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