New Look for New Boston Post

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Today we introduce a new design for our homepage.

The web site should load faster on your computer and be easier to navigate.

It will also accommodate new features, which we plan to roll out during the next few weeks.

The first is news aggregation. Familiar with the Drudge Report? Starting today we’re doing something similar, but focused on New England. On the top right of the homepage you’ll see a new heading called “Around New England” with clickable headlines underneath.

Underneath that is a new feature called “Around The Web,” with clickable headlines for items of interest elsewhere on the Internet.

There’s also a News Tab button. Click it and send us an immediate email message.

Several other features are in production. You should see some of them soon.

As for why we did the redesign, let’s skip the part about how when a new guy comes in he changes things to justify his existence. He might be reading this, so — quick! — let’s move on to other reasons:


  • Hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets should see a more reader-friendly layout with the new design.
  • Fewer photos on the homepage mean it should load faster on any type of computer. (We’ll still feature lots of “art,” as images are known in the news business; but not as many on the homepage.)
  • The left side of the homepage now has room for eight clickable headlines for opinion articles (both columns and unsigned editorials). (Before today we only had room for two before they disappeared to the interior landing pages.)
  • The right side of the homepage now offers us flexibility for the new features

But here’s the real reason:

We are looking to become part of your regular rotation of web sites.

If you are an Internet reader, we want you to consider coming to every time you surf the web. To get you to do that we have to make our site efficient and enticing.

If you have only a few seconds to spare, you should be able to pick up something of value quickly from our site. If you have longer to linger, you should see things that are worth your time.

If you are not a subscriber, please subscribe now. It’s free. Just type your email address in the Subscribe box on the right side of the homepage. We send you an email newsletter when we think it’s worth your while to get it. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you many happy returns.