Pro-Family Organization Seeks Volunteers for Pre-Lobby Day Training Sessions

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Repealing the Bathroom Bill, defunding Planned Parenthood, fighting assisted suicide, and dealing with the state’s new marijuana law are among the issues a pro-family organization is seeking volunteers to help fight for on Beacon Hill.

Massachusetts Family Institute is planning to host training sessions in February in anticipation of lobbying efforts at the State House.

Among the topics to be covered are efforts in the state Legislature to lower the age of consent for abortions from 18 to 16 and negate parental consent for girls seeking abortions; and how local churches can keep marijuana stores out of their town or city.

Founded in 1991, Massachusetts Family Institute is a nonpartisan public policy organization that is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming Judeo-Christian values.

The Massachusetts Family Institute’s Lobby Day at the State House is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8.

Fifteen regional advocacy training sessions are scheduled at sites in eastern and central Massachusetts during February.

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