Lies My Illegal Immigrant Organizer Told Me

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“In Brockton, there hasn’t been an event like this one. An event … with many people marching to demonstrate to the city of Brockton, the city councilors, the mayor, and to the many racists that reside here, that here, there is a community of immigrants. That here, we can. That we are here, and that we deserve respect.”


This outrageous statement, as reported by the Brockton Enterprise, was made by one of the organizers of the rally in Brockton on Monday called A Day Without Immigrants.

It highlights what’s wrong with the Left in this country.

It’s one thing to be wrong-headed — to be given a set of facts and come to the wrong conclusion because your principles are wrong, your logic is wrong, or your heart is in the wrong place. It’s another thing to wrongly brand everyone who disagrees with you with a nasty name.

Keep in mind that this statement was made by someone who advocates for law breaking. This isn’t about legal immigration — participants in the rally chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, deportation has gotta go.” So it’s illegal immigration we’re talking about here.

But beyond that, the implication of her statement is wrong.  When she refers to “the many racists that reside here,” she is apparently referring to anyone who disagrees with her point of view when it comes to illegal immigrants illegally living in Brockton.

This is ridiculous. It’s not necessary to harbor ill will toward other races of people in order to oppose illegal immigration and want to try to do something about it.

Brockton is one of the poorest cities in Massachusetts. When legal residents of Brockton experience long lines at emergency rooms because some illegal immigrants are using the emergency room for minor medical matters; when they can’t get a modest-paying job because some illegal immigrants are willing to do the work either for less money or without following government regulations or both; when their contracting business is consistently underbid by some illegal immigrants who don’t bother with worker’s compensation insurance; when they have to pay fines for traffic violations but illegal immigrants don’t; when they might go to jail if they present false identification but some illegal immigrants skate; when they are victims of crimes committed by people who don’t have a right to be here …

Noticing the problem and wanting to do something about it has nothing to do with racism.

Calling your opponents racists just because they disagree with you is inaccurate, lazy, and wrong.

Let’s have a Day Without Bearing False Witness Against Your Neighbor.