Take Your Gun Control and Shove It. We’re Arming Up.

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Radio silence.  It’s never a good sign.

Experts and pundits will tell you that before a terror attack, the chatter goes silent.  

When radio stations stop broadcasting – not even an emergency alert – you know something is very wrong.

In the military, typically it means an operation is underway.

But radio silence on social media?  That’s something most of us have never seen before.

After last week’s attempted massacre of Republicans by a Bernie Sanders supporter at a baseball game, the Left was FAR from being “radio silent.”

As a matter of fact, the call for violence from them has continued to RISE.  Twitter EXPLODED.  For every tweet of concern for the people shot, there seemed to be dozens more tweets justifying, supporting, and even demanding MORE violence.  SUPPORT for idiots like Kathy Griffin and the play depicting the assassination of President Donald Trump.  

And in their typical opportunistic fashion, others on the Left like Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut renewed calls for “gun control.” Because apparently criminals see “gun free zone” signs and run away … and nobody acquires guns illegally.

Now here’s where things get interesting.  And frightening.

In the past, I’ve seen people battling on social media about this call for gun control.  I’ve seen conservatives and even moderates spending a substantial amount of time explaining to the idealistic, naïve, and ignorant Left why “gun free zones” don’t work.  I’ve seen people calling out the hypocrisy and demanding apologies for calls to violence.

Not this time.  Do you want to know what I’ve seen from the Right over the past couple of weeks?

Radio.  Silence.

It’s almost as if people are sending a resounding message:  “We’re done talking.  It’s time to start preparing.”

Talk to people.  Ask them about it.  There’s a deep-rooted concern among many that the Left is becoming more and more violent … and people want to be prepared to protect themselves.

Friday night, I was at a Kris Paronto event with a good friend of mine, Chris Field.  Chris told me his training business has been FLAT OUT for weeks.

Chris is a Special Forces veteran and the proud owner of King 33, one of the largest tactical training facilities on the East Coast.  Located in the belly of the beast (Connecticut), Chris trains civilians on everything from getting your pistol permit to home defense.  He and his team of experts also train law enforcement agencies, from police departments to the FBI.

“We’ve been just absolutely inundated with civilians signing up for courses,” he said.  “People aren’t just looking for their permits.  They are looking for training on what to do in active shooter situations.  They are looking for how to protect their homes and their loved ones.”

That fear hasn’t just been driving people into King 33.  It has also driven his company onto the road.

“We have schools, corporations, hospitals, and just about every kind of business you can imagine asking us to come out and do training for their staff.  Many companies have hired us to put together ‘active shooter’ plans and drills … while others are asking us to run pistol permit courses for their employees.”

Matt Wolfe is vice president of sales for a Rhode Island-based company called Inforce.  They make weapon-mounted lights and have quickly become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.  They design rifle/carbine and pistol lights that you’ll see on everything from police and FBI guns to handguns that people keep in their nightstands.

“The lights are absolutely flying off the shelves,” said Wolfe.  “While we knew there was a huge demand in the law enforcement market, we’ve seen a massive rise in sales in the consumer market in the past several months.  It seems the timing of our new consumer products was spot on – sales are through the roof.  People are doing everything they can to make sure that their families are safe and it’s definitely fueled our growth.”

In case you think I’m out of my mind, you’re wrong.  The FBI ran more firearms-related background checks in May 2017 than in any previous May.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System logged 1,942,677 checks – an increase of 70,000 checks from the previous RECORD … set in 2016.  

My agency has heard from countless gun and parts manufacturers, saying that although numbers dropped off right after the election … things are on the rise once again.

America seems to be preparing.  The only question now is … for what? 

Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media. You can follow him on Facebook.