ACLU Puts On Hold Challenge To Trump Request for Voter Information in New Hampshire

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A lawsuit challenging New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s authority to release the state’s voter information to the Trump administration stalled Tuesday after the American Civil Liberties Union requested the hearing be postponed.

The ACLU issued a statement announcing its “request for a preliminary injunction is, at this juncture, no longer necessary” in response to Gardner’s announcement that he would refrain from releasing the voter information in compliance with the fraud commission’s request.

The Trump administration fraud commission sent a letter June 28 asking all 5o states to turn over all “publicly available voter roll data” but reversed course Monday, asking states to hold off on sending the voter info until a legal challenge on the federal level is resolved.

The New Hampshire ACLU filed the suit last week along with Democratic state Senator Bette Lasky and Republican state Senator Neal Kurk. The three plaintiffs allege that the release of New Hampshire voter information to the Trump administration would violate state law, which allows for the sale of voter information to political entities but expressly prohibits the sale of voter info for commercial use.

The New Hampshire ACLU asked to be notified “if the Commission renews its request.” The judge granted the request hours after it was filed, shortly before the scheduled court appearance.