Scaramucci Whacking Shows There’s A New Sheriff in Town

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New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s swift firing of communications director Anthony Scaramucci earlier today is the single best personnel move in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Scaramucci was brought in 10 days ago apparently to stop leaks and improve loyalty to Trump. But his retching interview with The New Yorker last week was filled with vile invective against rivals and perceived enemies — all of them at the time working in the same White House.

It must have left other administration officials thinking, If he talks like that to the press about those people, maybe that’s the way he’ll talk about me.

Scaramucci had to go. But what’s most impressive is the timing. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kelly was sworn in as White House Chief of Staff this morning, then called Scaramucci into his office and fired him. No extended speculation, no twisting in the wind. This willingness to excise the boil immediately speaks well of the former Marine general’s quick decision making and decisive action.

Kelly won’t rein in the best and worst qualities of President Trump, because surely no one will. But for an administration badly in need of order, it’s hard to imagine a better start.