The Old Codger on the Solar Eclipse

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Everywhere I go, people are gibbering on about this here solar eclipse.

Ha!  No wonder!  They like it when the sun is just like them:

Not very bright!

Why, just the other day, I was moseying down to the post office to buy a few stamps, and I struck up a conversation in a neighborly sort of way with the woman behind me.

“Stamps!  Ha!” I said.  “How come the price keeps going up?  Ridiculous!  And they don’t even stick the way they used to!  Post Office!  Ha!  They should call it the Post Awful!”

And then she started talking about the solar eclipse. 

You know what she called it?  A “great wonder of nature”!


You know what I call it?


Back in my day, the sun used to put in a full day’s work lighting up the place!  None of this stopping for a coffee break in the middle of its shift!

And people talk about how great it is that they get darkness in the middle of the day!

Well, you know what I do when I want darkness in the middle of the day?

I blink!

And I don’t put a story about it in the middle of the newspaper either!

And someone told me NASA even put together a website about this solar eclipse!  That figures!  Wasting my taxpayer dollars again!

I’d write them a little letter telling them exactly what I think about that, except for one thing:

The outrageous price of stamps!


The Old Codger would appreciate it if you don’t try to watch the solar eclipse on his lawn.