NOT DONE YET — Massachusetts Woman’s Viral Haranguing Of Leftist Provocateurs Extends Into Sunday

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Wendy Bellevue may be one of the most sought-after individuals in the wake of a so-called ‘free speech’ rally that saw thousands storm the Boston Common to protest voices that nobody could hear. 

Bellevue’s social media status shot skyward Saturday afternoon after she posted several videos she claims shows left-wing protesters antagonizing Boston Police officers, for the sole reason of documenting the cops’ reactions. She was apparently on the ground hours after city officials shut down the rally. Bellevue’s videos, posted to social media, quickly gained views, as her follower count on Twitter shot up from the hundreds into the thousands:

New Boston Post attempted to reach out to Bellevue on Sunday, but she has yet to respond.

Meanwhile, Bellevue apparently hasn’t backed down from her initial stance.