It’s Time To Take Back Our Country

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You don’t need anyone running for public office to tell you Washington is fundamentally broken. Our political insiders have created the most dysfunctional government we have ever witnessed. 

Rather than celebrating the shared values we cherish, today’s politicians seem determined every day to drive us further apart.

I offer a different path. To change this trajectory, we must come together to express a simple yet enduring principle:  As Americans, no matter where we come from or what our experiences are — we are one people.

I’m running for U.S. Senate because I believe we must reject the petty and self-serving behavior of politicians in Washington and start a movement to take back our country from those who would further divide us.

Bringing together people of good will to achieve great things and to challenge tired norms is what I’ve done my entire life.

I have helped build and lead initiatives that provide resources for our military service members and their families, foster civic and moral responsibility in our children, advance the culture of free speech on campuses, and provide ladders for success to children in inner cities.

If ever there were a time for people of diverse backgrounds to unite and challenge the broken status quo in Washington, that time is now. That begins with retiring one of the most divisive cogs in the broken machine in Washington:  Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In Senator Warren’s Washington, the objective is to score cheap political points, divide Americans against one another and generate attention in pursuit of a presidential campaign. And it’s led to a voting record that has put Massachusetts families last.

Whether it is blindly voting against funding for cancer research or to address the opioid crisis, or encouraging cities and towns to protect dangerous criminals by refusing to follow federal immigration law, Senator Warren has put partisanship ahead of people, and her ambitions ahead of our needs. She was the only member of Congress from Massachusetts to oppose the Cancer Moonshot bill, which passed Congress in overwhelming fashion to create hope for those suffering from cancer and seeking approval of potentially life-saving drugs.

Senator Warren would gamble the health care of Massachusetts residents for her political ambitions. Our state has a proud history of leadership and innovation in health care, a bipartisan focus on results that has led Massachusetts to become the most insured state in the country, with more than 96 percent of our residents covered.

Yet Senator Warren supports an extreme government takeover of health care that would slash options, and come at tremendous cost to taxpayers – to the tune of well over a trillion dollars.

Rather than fight for Massachusetts, Senator Warren spends much of her time traveling to Hollywood and other places outside of the Commonwealth to raise money and to curry political favor for her presidential ambitions. As is typical of her disdain for the private sector, she has largely ignored the effort to bring Amazon to Boston — and the 50,000 new jobs that would support. 

In fact, Senator Warren once called Amazon a company that “snuff[s] out the competition,” and compared the company to “too big to fail” investment banks on Wall Street. I would be a leader in pursuing these jobs and supporting our economy.

We all deserve better. Massachusetts deserves a Senator who will put the interests of hard-working families first.

I recently began my campaign at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate. I chose the Kennedy Institute because – despite our ideological differences – Senator Kennedy helped get things done for Massachusetts. And when he put his Presidential ambitions aside, he delivered for the people who elected him. Senator Kennedy would have delighted over the opportunity to bring 50,000 new jobs to Massachusetts. Senator Warren simply does not deserve re-election.

If we want different results from Washington, then we must send a different type of leader to Washington – a political outsider with a record of bringing people together to make life better for our fellow Americans.

We can send a message to the rest of the country that this age of division must give way to an era of unity. Let’s reject Elizabeth Warren’s brand of politics that chases headlines and neglects results for the people.

Join us in this campaign, and together, we will build a movement that promises to take back our country, upend business as usual, break down partisan barriers, deliver results for hard-working Massachusetts families, and begin to restore pride and purpose to public life.


John Kingston is a businessman, philanthropist, and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018. A not-for-profit organization affiliated with Mr. Kingston owns a modest number of shares in Boston Media Networks, the company that operates New Boston Post.