New Boston Post Columnist Appears on Fox and Friends, Discusses Millennials Column

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New Boston Post columnist Adam MacLeod appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss his article “Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials.”

MacLeod’s column has gone viral since it was published on New Boston Post earlier this month, in part because he revealed that he makes students stop and cluck like a chicken if they begin a statement in his law classes that starts with “I feel …”

Brian Kilmeade interviewed him for a nearly five-minute segment early Wednesday morning on the Fox News Channel show.

MacLeod, who teaches at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, has also banned arguments in his classroom that appeal to –isms, which he maintains prevent students from thinking.

“What I’m reacting to there is the use of labels like ‘racism’ … that really foreclose thought,” MacLeod said. “What I object to is the use of labels to end the conversation and to avoid thinking critically about important questions.”

MacLeod also insists that students explain what they mean when they throw out certain buzzwords.

“With ‘racist’ or ‘equal’ or ‘diverse,’ I’m open to hearing why it is that, if you can make an argument,” MacLeod said.

MacLeod teaches a Foundations of Law course that includes centuries-old texts such as the Code of Hammurabi, the Trial of Socrates, and the works of John Locke.

In the New Boston Post column MacLeod says that many Millennials don’t how to think and argue. On Fox and Friends, he said since he is trying to train lawyers he has to do his best to get them to do both.

“My whole objective here is to get them to think critically about these questions, to develop an appetite for the truth, and to really learn how to pursue the truth on their own. And so I don’t want them to fall back on labels as a crutch, or as a way of avoiding what really should be a tremendous opportunity to think alongside great thinkers about really interesting things,” MacLeod told Kilmeade on Fox and Friends.

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