‘Merry Christmas’ Kicks Tail of Nearest Rival in Poll

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans prefer to be greeted with “Merry Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays,” a new poll found.

Some 65 percent picked “Merry Christmas,” more than double the number preferring “Happy Holidays, which got only 28 percent support.

President Donald Trump made returning “Merry Christmas” to the preferred alternative one of his campaign promises during his run for president last year. So it’s not surprising that about 86 percent of respondents who said they approve of Trump also said they prefer “Merry Christmas.”

But even 52 percent of those who disapprove of Trump still prefer “Merry Christmas.”

Even though the vast majority of presents bought this time of year are for Christmas, the less specific “Happy Holidays” has become a staple in advertising on television and radio, as inclusive-minded companies seek to avoid giving offense.

Increasing tensions between the two are a front on what some conservatives call the “War on Christmas.”

The poll, conducted by Survey Monkey and reported by Axios, did not include sample size or margin of error.

Five percent of respondents said they prefer “Bah Humbug.”