PAY WOKE: Your Kid Can Major In ‘Social Justice’ For $55,000 At Merrimack College

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Students at Merrimack College, the North Andover-based school that bills itself as “a selective, independent college in the Catholic, Augustinian tradition,” can now opt to major in social justice. 

Merrimack’s offering of a social justice major was first reported Wednesday by, a right-of-center website that focuses on college and university issues. The school has not yet responded to multiple inquiries. 

“The social justice program provides students at Merrimack College with the chance to turn their passion for change, human rights and a more just world into a career,” a description of the program, accessible via the school’s website, states. 

“As a social justice major, you will receive the knowledge to prepare for advocacy and human-rights work within local community organizations and national and international non-governmental organizations like the United Nations,” Merrimack College’s website adds. “You will develop a strong theoretical understanding of ideas of social justice and participate in real-world learning in the field.”

The cost of attending Merrimack College stands at $55,415 annually. 

The webpage outlining the social justice program also notes that majoring students are required to intern at a “community-based organization or non-governmental organization.” 

The program description also touts Merrimack’s annual “Social Justice Week,” a staple at the school that began in 2013 “that addresses inequality issues through high-profile speaker events and campus-wide discussions.”

Students majoring in social justice must complete an introductory course, a senior year capstone project, an approved internship, and seven elective courses. The course list, which appears on the website, includes topics such as “Women in Islam,” “Feminist Theory,” “Economics of Gender,” “Latin American Politics,” and “Hate Crimes.”

Earlier this month the school offered stressed students the chance to spend time with therapy dogs ahead of final exams: