New Year’s Resolution:  Import No Rape Culture

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Are you going to some mass-celebration of New Year’s Eve on Sunday night? If so, are you afraid of being sexually assaulted?

Chances are that’s not a major concern this weekend for either women or men going out to First Night revelries in Boston or other cities and towns in Massachusetts and across the country. It’s best to take some precautions, as always; but hardly anyone moving about in a large crowd will be thinking about fending off potential attackers.

Yet it’s a major fear in Germany, because it has happened so frequently in recent years. Authorities in Berlin are actually setting up a “safe zone” where women can go in hopes of increasing their chances of not being molested.

By whom?

Muslim migrants.

This is sad, of course. But here’s something even sadder:  It took leaks from police sources a couple of years ago to even get out the word that so many women across Germany were reporting so many sexual assaults, and that all of the victims thought their attackers were Muslim men.

If you’re thinking a few bad apples gave everyone else a bad name, you’re wrong. On New Year’s Eve in Cologne two years ago, police said about 1,000 men assaulted women.

Surely some of the attackers were Germans or other Europeans?

No. All of the attackers were described as “Arab or North African.”

This wasn’t office-style sexual harassment, by the way, the stuff of propositioning and lewd talk. It was straight-up sexual assault, up to and including rape.

Islam condemns sexual activity outside of marriage and sexual assault of any kind. So does the secular law in predominately Muslim countries. But there is a strong subculture of sexual assault in some predominately Muslim countries, which justifies sexual attacks on women if they dress provocatively or even on political grounds, as the BBC reported several years ago in Cairo.

These attacks in Germany came not long after Germany allowed “refugees” to pour into the country from predominately Muslim countries. Many of them apparently saw no reason when in Cologne to act as the Cologneans do.

These types of group assaults in public have not been seen in the United States on a wide scale as of yet, despite our heretofore dangerous and unwise immigration practices. But Germany’s experience is a cautionary tale.

The lesson about importing large numbers of people with unacceptable cultural customs is obvious.

But here’s another:  Problems of this sort should not have to come to light by means of an unauthorized leak from a knowledgeable government source. They should be disclosed and described and discussed. We need less secrecy from our government, not more.

A society that is unable to protect its own is at the teetering point. A society that is embarrassed about protecting its own may be past saving.