Orrin Hatch’s Finest Hour

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Orrin Hatch’s announcement that he plans to retire from the United States Senate after seven terms brings to mind Hatch’s appearance at Ted Kennedy’s wake in August 2009. (Back when Hatch was in only his sixth term.)

Hatch, a Republican from Utah, told a story of a time when his former administrative assistant asked him for a favor. (It’s here, starting at 1:48:08.) The man wanted to have an event for 200 Mormon youth missionaries in Boston, and he had difficult requests. He wanted Hatch and Kennedy to speak at the meeting, and he wanted it at Faneuil Hall.

Hatch didn’t make any promises about Kennedy or Faneuil Hall, but said he’d ask.

As it happened, a short time later the Senate was having a late-night session, and Hatch spied Kennedy and his friend Chris Dodd just off the Senate floor “feeling no pain,” as Hatch put it. (Hatch, being a Mormon, never drinks alcohol; Kennedy – occasionally.)

Hatch went over to Kennedy and quickly asked him if he would speak at the Mormon youth rally with him. With a wave of his hand Ted bellowed “Done!”

Then Hatch asked Kennedy if he’d get Faneuil Hall for the event. With another wave, Ted bellowed “Done!”

The next day Hatch got to his office and quickly had a letter prepared detailing the things he’d asked Kennedy about and had it delivered to him.

Later that day, Kennedy approached Hatch on the Senate floor with the letter in his hand, shaking.

In a quavering voice (fill in your own Ted Kennedy accent here), Kennedy asked Hatch:

“Orrin, what else did I agree to last night?”